Out of ideas for targeting? Here is our secret 2k-eywords weapon.

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Hey guys,
This is something that often happened to us and lots of other Facebook advertisers.
At some point we tried everything and we still didn’t get the ROI which client wanted.
Creatives were good but whatever targeting we put in, nothing worked.
So one day something hit me and I got this idea while I was browsing the net.
There was an article about good niche ideas and there were different lists of ideas.
I downloaded one really big list and then it hit me. Eureka!
There were almost two thousand keywords in this list. I can try them all on targeting!
As the client’s product was a pretty broad niche, I decided to do a test.
I created 100 campaigns with a $5 budget.
In each I would put one or more keywords from that list.
If the audience was under 1MM, I would combine a few similar together and also use the suggestion tool.
After some tweaking (and lots of hours) I made my 100 campaigns and put a lifetime budget $25 on each for the next 5 days.
I set a reminder on my desktop to check them after 5 days and then forgot about them.
When day 5 came, I opened this client’s account and started analyzing.
What I saw surprised me on different levels. Almost 1/3 of my campaigns were profitable and the CPA was 2x cheaper then what I was getting before with general interests or LLAs.
So I immediately duped all my best performers into one big campaign and ran it with CBO at $1000.
At the same time I changed the budget on all campaigns to a daily budget of $5 on each adset and re-started them again.
The CBO campaign at $1k didn’t perform so well as $5 adsets, but it was still profitable and bringing much better ROI then what I was getting before in this account.
So after 5 days I again duped all the working audiences from $5 adsets into around 30 campaigns and started a $100 CBO test.
Now it started to really kick! I scaled this account drastically as I could move budgets by 50 or 100% everyday without losing much of ROI.
When campaigns got tired, I added new creatives and started testing again.
At the same time I made 100 new campaigns with new keywords from that list.
Then I duped, and split-test, and optimize and scale hard my best performers.
Then I would do 100 more, and 100 more, and 100 more, and repeat the cycle.
When results go bad, I would test fresh creative and start again. And again. And again.
I could do just this technique all year long, with small or big budgets, CBOs, daily or lifetime budgets.
After a lot of testing I realized that I discovered something really amazing.
Something that now became a part of my hidden weapon.
When nothing works and you need a fresh reset, try it!
I didn’t want to share this technique but as we’re becoming one of the top notch communities for media buying, I said why not.
So below is my list of keywords you can test.
Please don’t share this technique out of this group, as it’s very-very powerful.
Use this to your own advantage and use it wisely to scale your business.
Be creative and test 365/24/7. The more you test, the better ROI you will get.
NOTE: Don’t be scared to spend a little more at the beginning, as you will get way more back after you optimize campaigns.
If you want me to implement this technique in your business, just send me a msg and I’ll get back to you asap.
Let’s crush it together!