More creatives = Better results

  • od
Creatives are most important thing in Facebook advertising.
I think more important than selecting the perfect audience when targeting.
If your creatives can make broad audience to click on call to action button asap, you will win.
Facebook will optimize your campaigns based on the CTR of that creative, so clicks are very important.
They also optimize based on time video is played before click occurred, so to have very engaging first few seconds is a big must.
Now to get quick cheap clicks, you have many options and strategies.
Many types of videos, images, slideshows, user generated content, dpa…
What type of creatives should I use for my products to get cheap clicks, you will ask.
We get this question everyday. We can go deep into it or very broad.
Almost same as targeting right? 🙂
I would say ‘broad’ rule with creatives is:
– use PIC if it can explain the product
– use VIDEO if you need to show how product works
There is also a sub-rule to this, which is TEST both no matter what your product is.
You never know what will perform better. Only Facebook does.
We see in most cases VIDEO will work better, no matter if product can be explained with pic or not.
Even if you sell T-SHIRTS, it is good to split test your new design creative with video or slideshow of that.
You can do this quickly with many great online softwares that were recently made for facebook advertisers.
Just import few different images of the design (or product) into and software will spit out video very quickly.
You can even play with already made templates to suit to your brand image perfectly.
Or you just use common used templates.
There are two softwares that we recommend – and Clipman
With those you can transform your images into cool looking videos very quickly.
One benefit of using videos over images in facebook advertising is also, that with video you can retarget viewers based on time (3s,25%,50%,75%,95%) and make LLA audiences out of it. Which is big!
If you don’t wanna mess with making creatives, there is this great platform called No Limit Creatives.
Those guys act like your outsourced photo and video team. They can do everything for you very quickly and at great price.
From shooting videos to designing images, graphics and other creatives.
But I wouldn’t stop there.
I believe there are also two main sub-rules when it comes to creatives.

Now we’re talking on the deep ‘targeting’ level 🙂

First is to test as many creatives you can (pics/videos/slideshows) to find a good engaging one.
Second rule is to work on similar style of creatives, that were proven to perform well before.
I need to say that when you find a good creative that brings good CPC, CPM, CTR and CPA (CPA of course is the most important!), your work doesn’t stop there.
You need to constantly work on new creatives!!
FB changed so much in the past year, that if you don’t have good creatives that will bring good engagements, and if you don’t change them regularly, your performance will suffer heavily.
Maybe you will say Facebook advertising doesn’t work for you, but we would know that it is not working because your creatives SUCKS!
So try to bring us new creatives every day!

More we have, better results we can bring for you.

Simple as that.