How to provide exceptional customer service

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Today I want to talk about customer service.
You probably know that CS is one of the most important assets in your business.
Poor CS can destroy your business very quickly today.
How? Easily. If your advertising relates mostly on Facebook, they will ban your account if you don’t provide quality service.
I know, products are more important but… If you sell best quality products in the world and your CS team suck, you will be punished for sure!
By sales, by reputation and by us, who’re trying to help you to sell more… We gonna take your CS team and…%$xF%…
Ok, just kidding.. 🙂 We won’t punish you but we won’t be able to scale your advertising channels as much as we can do for those who act smart.
Did you know that it costs more for a brand to acquire a customer than it does to retain one?
The secret to keeping a customer is exceptional customer service.
That’s because the average consumer, nowadays more than ever, looks for an experience that is hassle-free and convenient.
By providing customers with excellent customer service, you effectively make them brand ambassadors who not only favor your brand over others, but persuade their friends and family to do the same.
However, before you start prepping your company for a customer relations upgrade, you must educate yourself on the various practices that you can implement for successful e-commerce customer service.
Here are 12 helpful methods that your customer service team can incorporate today.
1. Take Responsibility For Your Brand
A customer’s irritation is often at its peak when they have to deal with a customer service team.
So imagine the frustration when your customer service live chat team blames someone else.
For example, while your customer deals with a damaged product after taking it out of the packaging, the last thing they want to hear is that it was the courier service’s fault.
By stepping up and offering to shoulder the responsibility, customers will understand that you are willing to make it up to them, and they will accept what you have to offer.
2. Be Respectful Towards Even The most Irritated Customers
An essential rule of any department in a business is to be respectful, whether you’re dealing with staff or customers.
In customer service, a person calling with a problem or query already has a complaint, so being disrespectful will only make things worse.
Not to mention, it gives them another reason to complain.
3. Be Quick and Use Their Name When Addressing Them
Response time is critical for a stable customer service department because your competitors are only a Google search away.
Use a live chat for sales to help your team attend to more than one customer at a time.
This ensures your customers’ issues are addressed in a timely manner.
4. Remember to Apologize
Apologizing to an unhappy customer is more than just saying that you’re ‘sorry,’ it involves understanding the problem and being sincere.
To keep it short, they’re expecting a genuine, human approach to apologizing rather than one without comprehension of the issue.
It sounds confusing, but immediately saying that you’re sorry can do less to alleviate the issue, so it’s best to wait until your live chat team has thoroughly understood the problem.
5. Don’t Be Anonymous
This point is similar to using a customer’s name to make the interaction more personal, but in this case, we’re highlighting the importance of using your name when talking to customers.
Instead of having nameless chat heads that say customer service representative #, add the team member’s name as well.
The same applies to exchanges over social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
Whenever a member of your customer service team is handling queries on such forums through an official account, they should add their name at the end of every exchange between them and a customer. This keeps things on the record and adds a more human aspect to the exchange.
6. Follow Up After Sales and Feedbacks
Customer service isn’t all about resolving problems when there are issues, even though complaints do take up most of a customer service team’s time.
Maintaining customer relations revolves around following up a purchase or sale.
Your team members should contact customers after their purchase to follow up with their experience and ask if they had any trouble with the product.
7. Reply on All Forums if You Must
An essential part of customer service is to see if customers are getting riled up on social media platforms.
Sometimes disgruntled customers pick Twitter or Facebook to lash out on a brand instead of contacting customer service directly.
In these scenarios, asking customers to direct their complaints towards a live chat team can annoy them even further.
So members of your team will have to take to social media and solve queries within the channel.
8. Don’t Talk About Your Problems
Just think about it. You’re talking to someone about your problem, they’ve offered to listen, when, all of a sudden, they start talking about their problems.
If that’s not a recipe for a customer relations disaster, then I don’t know what is.
Customer service representatives should learn never to bring the company’s problems into the conversation when a customer is frustrated over their experience with a brand.
9. Tell Them When the Issue will be Resolved and Commit to It
In many cases, the problem at hand will require additional expertise from another department.
This leaves the customer service live chat team unable to answer most of the questions, something that can make customers even more frustrated.
You can advise your live chat team that when they don’t know how to respond to the query, they can give a resolution time instead.
By this time, staff should work to resolve the issue or call in the right expert to do the job.
10. Create an Updated FAQ page for customers to refer to
Your support team can’t be available to answer queries and listen to complaints, all the time.
That’s why it helps to have an in-depth FAQ page, which has all the answers to the most commonly asked questions.
It’s essential that you keep on updating this page as specific types of complaints become more common.
If a particular question or complaint about a specific product is coming up again and again, it’s a good idea to address it on your FAQ page.
This will help in clearing out any misunderstandings before your customer purchases the product.
11. Don’t Make Them Call Again
The best way to keep an angry customer from returning is to answer all their queries, and various others, in one session.
They’re already annoyed that they have to call with a problem and making them call again only adds fuel to the fire.
That’s why customer service live chat representatives need to thoroughly analyze the situation to see if any other issues will follow and address them up-front.
12. Avoid Unrealistic Customer Expectations
A significant portion of complaints directed towards the customer service department result from customers misunderstanding your product and having an unrealistic expectation about it. However, you can’t blame the customer for such a problem, and most of the fault will be on your part. Sound unfair? We know.
Nonetheless, you need to understand that most unrealistic customer expectations stem from marketing efforts that try to promote a product as something that it’s not.
Carrying out these best practices can do a lot to increase your customers’ satisfaction with the brand, adding one more loyal customer at a time.
By having a good experience with a company, customers consider it to be worthy of promotion among their friends.
By promoting these practices and methods among your live chat representatives, you can develop an environment that promotes politeness and professionalism in dealing with customers.
At the same time, you should build on these practices and make them easier to act upon by training current representatives and recruits in your business’ CS department.
Not only will this prepare them for all sorts of encounters with customers, but they’ll also become invaluable assets to the company by helping you retain customers.
If you gonna train your CS team to become better and better servants, our job will also be much easier.
It’s all connected… We get more conversions, you get happier customers. We get lower CPA’s, you get higher ROI.
You are very happy because you earned a lot, we’re very happy because you trust us.
It’s just the process of beautiful and long-lasting relationship.
We’re here to help you.
To scale your business as much as you can.
We don’t wanna just show what we can do, but also educate you so you know what needs to be done to get better results.
Now go fix your CS team (step by step) so they’ll be ready when we scale.
If you haven’t scale your business, why not???
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