How to prepare your videos to go viral

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I love videos, films, creatives. Everything with moving image, story, slideshow or photo.
Before I started to work full time as a media buyer, I was a freelance video director, photographer and editor.
I produced many commercial and non-profit projects for local companies, organizations, musicians, dancers and filmmakers.
Those projects were mainly produced for TV at that time, but formula to make them work was same as in today’s online world.
You needed to prepared your project in ‘fishing’ way, if you wanted to have a good engagement.
Off course you didn’t have to export hundreds of mini variations of it like today, but principle was the same.
Today when we’re shooting mainly for Facebook ads, we’re exporting and mixing enormous quantity of creatives.
We need to export images out of finished render, prepare slideshows, build stories, combine with pre-engaged videos, post-engaged comment, 3D pics, etc.
We need to shoot with phone (I used before just expensive cameras as ARRI and Red), but now we do it with GoPro, Phone, cheap web cameras and anything we find around our desk.
That was somehow all new to me 2 years ago, but now I shifted my mind and got it.
General idea of successful ads in 2020 is to have tons of material in different formats and in different looks to test.
Depends on your brand style (fitness, clothing, home and deco, general) and your audience, you need also to adjust color and edit style to meet your brand’s language.
If we go into writing what is the most important skill, here is the deal: If you want to have a good engaging videos that can go viral and get cheap click, you need to follow a FISHING formula.
I have few different FISHING formulas in my pocket but most basic one that gives bast result is still: B.H.A.R.C. FISHING
And I’ve seen many video companies that are specialized for online ads are now using it. Some of them successfully, some of them not so.
Funny name this BHARC, but let me explain what it means:
1-B means BAIT
2-H means HOOK
2-A means ACTION
4-R means REEL
5-C means CATCH
In step 1 you need to throw a bait into the ad space (sea). You need to find a picture or short video that will stop scrollers (users / potential buyers), because pic or vid is so funny, or amazing, or you never seen anything like that, or silly, or weird, or funny colored, or miserable, or painful, or… you know what I mean.
You need to spark curiosity in first 3 seconds or your video will do no good! I suggest you when you get a finished video (render) from your video person or production company, to hire a VA video editor on UpWork and ask him to prepare several variations of same video with different start up clips (1-3s) and thumbnails, so we media buyers can test and scale best performing. He can get this startup clips online (I didn’t say to steal but borrow …or he can re-shoot).
You can also ask the guy who made you a video but it will probably be more expensive and they will not know exactly what to do. Some guys online are doing just that and they can find you many viral pre-clips you can implement in your videos very fast. They can also cut and splice your video to different combinations and formats, and also add a subtitles or text over your video. Hint: Videos with text over or subtitles usually perform much better than without.
Now step 2: HOOK. This step is easy. You need to capture attention and hook your audience. Usually from 3 to 10 seconds in your video. You will introduce your product here and explain why is more special than anything they’ve seen online. Your product of course if super awesome, cheap and affordable to most pockets. Here you will have to be very experimental and try lots of stuff again. You never know how audience will see you super-duper video you spend thousands on production or just few bucks. It’s all about the testing – have you heard this word today? 🙂
3 – Time for action! 10-20 seconds. Show how easy is to wear, or to put on your bike/car, on your wall, etc. Be funny while showing or hire a very good looking model. You’ll be surprised how more often men will buy something if cute women is introducing it in soft and whispering voice. And vice-versa! Women 45+ like young men too! So show that six packs in video but do it over the T-shirt, as lately Mr. FB doesn’t like that! Skin is forbidden like in 50’s and our way is to make it sexy over the clothes. How? There are ways… You need to be creative!
Step 4 is all about the social proof. Make your own or screen copy from IG or FB or Amazon. Ebay? We’ve seen and done many stuff. On some I’m not very proud but hey.. they converted really well! With and without can be 1-4% difference! But again – don’t be lazy and test! You’ll be surprised what can happen. Try with UGC testimonials, authority reviews and pics, say Dr.X said this and this. If you have a big brand that is well known and has millions of followers, then you don’t have to make it up but please don’t be shy to ask for reviews! Use this from 20-30 seconds in your video. Can be more, depends on how many you can put in.
5 – It’s time to catch your fish! Call to action, scarcity, discount. Use or better – TEST! Test everything with your media buyer. Ask him in ‘simple words’ otherwise we won’t be happy as you know too much about testing. 🙂 Just kidding. Don’t worry, we like you anyway, so please give us all you have! More editions and variations you have, better results we can bring for you!
Ok this is from 30-40 seconds in your video but be curious and go to 50 or even 60 seconds. It’s good to test different durations. Did I mention testing?
So the formula is simple and can be used in many variations and styles.
We have more formulas in our pocket that we suggest to our clients.
So if you haven’t signed with us yet, contact us!
January is the best month for kicking off your business plans you made in December.
And of course – scaling ads.
Let’s crush it together!