6 days to 15k revenue scaling strategy

  • od
We want to share today one strategy that worked very well for one client of ours.
We scaled his account to 15k revenue in just 6 days.
With just one product.
Is this possible on every account you will ask? 🙂
Not on every, but:
– if you have good product with enough margins for scaling
– enough data in your account so we can analyze for best strategy
– enough similar product purchasers in your pixel so we can make advantage of
– good cashflow so you won’t get issues with your bank
– fulfillment in place who can handle large spike of daily orders
– customer support who will protect your account with detailed product answers
– and few more processes that are specific to your brand and product fulfillment
Then yes… I’m telling you… it’s more than possible!
Even with recent drastic changes in FB.
I will give you a quick overview what happened here.
Day 1: Testing, PPE with video post.
One creative with 3 different thumbnails.
Showing what product is doing better than all others in same market.
We’ve spent $84 and got around $580. (So this is really about the product).
One country, male excluded, age 25+
We tested PPE with Lookalike audience that was build from pixel purchase of previous product in the same niche.
Client made around $110k in around 1,5 month previously in this niche.
Day 2: Now that we knew that this product can kick some sales, we started to scale.
We let PPE to keep running at $100 to get more engagement and we set up few WC campaigns.
Pixel purchase to precise interests with manual bidding of $1, budget $100 per day.
Then we went to one of our hidden softwares, changed the optimization from conversion to link click and charged for impressions (not cpc).
At the end of Day 2, ad spent was around $500 and revenue was $2.7k
Day 3: Now that we knew our manual bidding works well, we added LAA with US purchase pixel to create LAA for UK, CA and AU. We made $4,7k with around $1000 ad spent.
Day 4: We increased daily budget on working campaigns a lot. $300-500 for each LAA, and even $1000 for the US made campaigns where audience was big enough to handle the budget.
We also split test the bid in several segments around $1 and we killed bad performers at the middle of the day.
CPC was on average under $0.5 and there were no competitors yet so we got high quality traffic.
We spend around $2300 that day and bring back almost $9000.
Day 5: We optimized good performing campaigns and killed the bad ones. With bad ones if we saw good engagement we duplicated and tested agin. We also killed bad performing creatives in ad sets where we had different thumbnails for videos. Results at the end of the day: Ad spent around $3700, revenue was $12,8k.
Day 6: As our KPI for this client was ROI over 2.8 is profit, we knew that we can push this thing even higher.
We scaled the budget 20-50% on working campaigns and asked client to prepare some more creatives (videos, pics, ugc, out of box,…) quickly. With new creatives we know we can double this on retargeting and also on TOF and MOF.
We ended this day at $5,6k spend and 17.4k revenue.
It could be better but client was very happy. :=)
So that was the process.
Hope it gave you some ideas on what can be done, if acting fast and having good product that no one is having.
If you want us to check what we can do with your store, don’t hesitate to contact us!