30 brands to spy for better ads

  • od
While I was doing research for our team about interesting ads we can see on FB, I thought why also not to share it here.
It took me quite some time to find them but in the end, I gathered more than 50 examples.
Some were very interesting, some average and some so bad but still cute.
While looking over those examples, I got a bigger picture on different ways of how we can do advertising.
If you will go over these examples, you will get inspired in so many ways.
You can implement many ideas in your business and you can mix, intersect and model these creatives.
Also ad copy. The more you test in different combinations, the better results you can get.
So I will leave up to you to decide which ones are awesome and which not so.
I don’t want to share my thoughts here on every creative and ad copy, as maybe my perception is different than yours.
If I’ll say this creative is good and this one sucks, you will pay closer attention to just the good ones.
And I don’t want that. Maybe the opposite will work for your business better.
So I will rather leave you with my final, as I think no creative is bad creative if it’s bringing you money.
Now sit back, relax, grab your popcorn and start clicking!
Below are my Top 30, as few brands have several good examples.
I suggest that you check out the ad library for those brands on the list and maybe you’ll find something even more cool.
And don’t forget to do some notes or bookmark them so you can refer to them later.
Here is my list:
(Note: some ads might not work anymore as brand are daily turning them off)
Next month I will probably do another list as it’s really eye opener.
There are many other smaller brands that do amazing stuff also.
If you know any, please comment below so we can exchange ideas.
If you have questions or if you want to work with us, just send us a message.
Let’s crush together!